Everybody Freak Out!

June 12, 2009 |  by  |  blogging, Economics

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  1. 祝你好运!一切顺利!

  2. 祝考试顺利哈!

  3. 哎,我还没开始考试呢。。。烦死啦。。。

  4. 假装路过~~大家都考试了~~

  5. 这个时候一定要沉住气了,看来考试的人也不少,加油了。

  6. lol i can't believe you posted that.. i was googling my name to see what it came up with and found your post 😛 hope you went well in 200.. it wasn't so hard now was it? 😉

    • hey, Carlo,

      it is so cool that you arrive my blog from your name google results 😛

      the discussion at blackboard was so benifitial to me, that's why i posted some of the interesting topics up there.

      I did quite all right at Econ 200. No, it wasn't that hard as what i expected 🙂 Thanks to all the efforts that everyone put in at the disscusion ")

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