Interview Skills Workshop

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学校的关怀是无微不至,学校的邮件系统上周六也全部把staff给换上了Gmail服务,VC (Steven Schwartz)也在博客继续了一篇“临摹”乔布斯Adobe繳文形式的文章,“Assessing the benefits of Gmail”。

学校在这些方面确实很人性化,基本上很多东西都是online的,选课-缴费-选座位-查收学校的Email,Calendar,图书馆,当然还有先进的Blackboard系统,近乎所有的课堂资料,公告和老师的讲课的iLecture(可供不上课的同学使用的课堂音频视频档案,每周更新)。可以说是如果学校不要求有Tutorial的attendence我基本只需要第一次去学校的Orientation然后领张student ID,就基本不需要去学校都可以学习,然后Final时参加考试即可 :)

最近通过学校的Email推送系统,去student service注册预定了几个Interview Skills workshop,可以了解些要注意的文化习俗和技巧。



  • Brainstorm at least six questions that you would like to ask when you are asked to ask during the interview.
  • Contact the person of reference before you go for the interview!!
  • Dress for sucess! Wear clothes that are apporpriate to the work environment you wish to enter. Err on the side of caution- dark suits, ties, skirts, pantyhose, and muted perfume/ aftershave and jewellery.
  • First impression are important- shake hands firmly, make eye contact and smile! (Note: sometime do an equal handshake)
  • Steer your body to the person who ask you question.
  • Open palm, this is the only guesture I find in the card-match game that has a postive feeling…
  • Try to match your voice.
  • Never ask about sallary, benefits until subjects are raised by the employer.
  • Star Technique: Situation- Task- Action- Result. Focus 60% on Action, 20% on Task, and 10% equally on Situation and Result.
  • Student Service at Lincion building provide Mock interview before you going for the real one 😉



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  1. 有个好学校上课,真好!o(∩_∩)o

  2. 对于像我这样早已离开学校的人而已,岂一个羡慕了得.

    • 人总是读书时想工作 工作后后悔想回校园。。。

      其实想一想 如果都在给我们一次机会 是不是我们想得都曾是我们经历过的,,,那就把现在的做好 认真体验每个汉毛空的快乐和悲伤。。。因为这一定是你下一个阶段人生想再经历但未必能再经历的。。。

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