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July 29, 2010 |  by  |  Apple, blogging

First time ever, I come and “join” the world famous Apple Queue.

This time is for the iPhone 4.

Apparently, I don’t see many people queuing at the door of Apple store.

There are only two guys sitting in the store and eating junkie food.(Apology for my low quality picture)

It’s a bit rainy, though not cold.


There do have some people lining up at the Telstra shop opposite the Apple store securing for their iPhones.

Some contractor workers are setting up a stage for tomorrow’s Opening ceremony i think.

Apple store from the Line at the door of Telstra shop.

And here we go,

See the guy with long hair flipping around on his iPad?

Yes, He will be the first person owing an iPhone 4 officially in Australia.

BTW, I am writing this instant blog at this MBP 15′ in the store.

You don’t know how badly I love the mbp 15′.

ALright, I am not gonna stay here for the night.

Jesus, It’s like 12 hours + before the ARRIVAL of the iPhone 4 here in Australia.

Good luck to those guys and I’ll be hanging around for a while before I go back home.

Probably there will be more picture uploaded later on 🙂 Cheers!

And one More thing,

Follow my Twitter, if you need, to check out more updates @darrenest “p

———-update @ 11:47 p.m.  Sydney time—-

No more updated pictures, only a few follow up pictures I took during the way back home.

1. The queue was getting longer, and one pr lady went onto the stage and made some kind of annoucement regarding the lining rules and remindings…

2.the iPhone 4 arrival notice in the store

3.A Notice at Optus store, 30 meters away from the Apple store.

I think this is it.


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