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悉尼街头在人流多的地方总会看到一些拿着 Homeless牌子的人。或者说就是乞丐吧。牌子上往往写着: 「Homeless Broke Please Help if you can」 今天在 QVB路过 Myer那里有看到一个熟悉的乞丐。我就想,许多留学生找不到工作一个硬性的弱势是「英语」。你这样一个乞丐,年纪算是中年未老,难到不能工作吗?至少你会说英文吧?也能顺利听懂所有 Local说的英文吧?难道还能比说不好英文的留学生找到的工作还差? 走了两步,我那他和我对比。我得出的结论是: 「He speaks English, but he couldn’t communicate!」 「Either because he is shy or he does not like communicating with other people, or he just simply can’t communicate.」 「Reason? Let’s just place him into business workplace, he needs far more than just […]


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Miss = unmarried. Ms = unspecified marital status. Both married and unmarried women may be addressed as Ms., it’s sort of a female version of Mr. It is most commonly used when you’re not sure of the marital status of the person in question, or if the woman kept her own name after marriage (a […]


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